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CircAid Juxta-Lite Standard Legging Compression Wrap

CircAid Juxta-Lite™ Standard Legging Compression Wrap
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If you need a compression wrap, the CircAid Juxta-Lite Standard Legging provides a variety of compression levels but without the trouble of donning. The standard leggings are available in two standard lengths, 28cm and 33cm, with sizes ranging from small to XXL and 3 full calf options!
Each Legging is capable of 3 compression levels! 20 - 30, 30 - 40 or 40 - 50 mmHg
Packaging Includes: One compression legging, one BPS™ card, one pair of Comfort Compression Anklets™, one Comfort Leg Liner™, instructional DVD (upon request).

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Indications: Moderate Lymphedema, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Venous Stasis Ulcers, Post Thrombotic Syndrome, Dependent Edema, Post Sclerotherapy, and Varicose Veins

Contraindications: Severe Peripheral Arterial Disease, Decompensated Congestive Heart Failure, Septic Phlebitis, Phlegmasia Cerula Dolens, Allergy to compression materials, Moderate Peripheral Arterial Disease, Infection in the leg

How is the Juxta-Lite™ different than other inelastic compression garments?
The Juxta-Lite™ is made with a thinner Breathe-O-Prene™ material and is designed with fewer and wider bands than other inelastic garments. It has a 6 month warranty and is part of the CircAid® Standard Line for the treatment of Venous Disease. The Juxta-Fit™, for example has a one year warranty and is part of the CircAid® Premium Line for the treatment of Lymphedema and Venous Disease.

The Juxta-Lite™ incorporates a limited stretch fabric that provides a small amount of elasticity which may cause the legging to feel less firm compared to other inelastic garments; however, elasticity improves the conformability of the garment to the limb. Also, the Juxta-Lock™ bands can be independently angled to match a leg contour which may mean that less tension is applied compared to other compression garments' paired bands that need to be pulled directly away from each other. The tension pulled to achieve adequate firm and comfortable pressure with the Juxta-Lite™ may need to be adjusted slightly to match the compression of previous compression garments. Always make sure that the tension applied is within your prescribed compression range using the Built-in Pressure System™ (BPS™) guide card.

Some other compression garments have a non-slip lining to prevent sliding, why doesn't the Juxta-Lite™ ?

Most all of those garments use latex as the non-slip material. Many people are allergic to latex and therefore CircAid® Medical is committed to keeping all of its products latex free. In addition to this, many of our patients suffer from poor skin conditions and the use of latex or any abrasive material would be extremely problematic.

What sizes and lengths are available for the Juxta-Lite™ ?

The Juxta-Lite™ comes in standard sizes only, similar to the sizing offered in compression stockings. The sizes range from Small to XXL and come in two different lengths, 28cm and 33cm. For optimal fit, several of the Juxta-Lite™ sizes are available in a "Full Calf" version.

Why is there now a standard Juxta-Lite™ XXL size but not in the T3™ product line?

We do not offer a Standard XXL with the T3™ because the material does not conform to the leg as well and would not last as long.

Can I interchange the measurements between the Juxta-Lite™ and the T3™?

Yes. If you took measurements on the Juxta-Lite™ sizing chart and would like to order a T3™ compare the largest calf circumference measurement to the 25cm size range, the smallest ankle circumference to the 5cm size range, and choose the appropriate size using the sizing rules. Ignore the T3™ 15cm size range if the measurement is not available. If the floor to knee crease length is under 44cm choose the short legging, otherwise choose long. Sizing the AFW is the same for both garments.

If you took measurements on the T3™ sizing chart and would like to order a Juxta-Lite™ choose the same size and length in the Juxta-Lite™. Otherwise use the 25cm circumference measurement to compare to the Calf (C) range and the 5cm measurement to the Ankle (B) range and choose the appropriate size using the sizing rules. Ignore the 15cm measurement. If the ankle to knee crease length is under 36cm choose the short legging, otherwise choose the long. Sizing the AFW is the same for both garments.

Why does the Juxta-Lite™ sizing take the length measurement from the floor while other products take the length from the ankle?

The Juxta-Lite™ is the perfect alternative to compression stockings, and as such, we have changed the Juxta-Lite™ sizing model to match that of compression stockings for quick, easy fitting.

If I am re-ordering, which size do I choose if the patient was in a Large, an XL, etc.?

The Small, Medium, Large, and XXL size ranges were not changed. Therefore patients within these ranges can remain in the same size. If the patient used to wear an XL, however, it is recommended that an XL Full Calf be ordered for them. Please insure that the patient?s measurements have not changed and consider the additional sizes for optimal fit. If unsure, the safest way is to resize the patient according to our current charts. For futher assitance with our new sizing chart, please call (800) CIRCAID (247-2243).

Can I wear the Juxta-Lite™ directly on my skin?

In most cases, yes because many of our patients have found that the Juxta-Lite™ is so comfortable that they actually prefer to wear it directly on the skin. Many of these people have also noticed reduced slippage when doing so.

The heel portion of my Ankle-Foot Wrap has pockets where there is no compression. Is this OK?

The pockets on the sides of the heel are acceptable unless they cause discomfort or fluid build-up in those areas. If this is the case, try combining our Skin-Fold Kit with the AFW to fill in behind the ankle-bone.

If the legging feels too tight what do I do?

Re-check the bands with the Pressure Guide card to assure that it is tightened to the prescribed pressure range. If the bands are adjusted to the appropriate level and the garment still feels too tight, consult your physician about your prescribed pressure range. The Juxta-Lite™ should never hurt. It should feel firm but comfortable. If you experience any pain, remove it and contact your physician immediately.

Can I cut bands off or cut down the Juxta-Lite™?

No. The Juxta-Lite™ is not designed to be cut or modified in any way except for the foot length and ankle-band which are illustrated in the Directions For Use. Making cuts anywhere else on the garment will void the warranty.

Is the Comfort Compression Anklet™ covered under warranty?

No, the anklet is not covered under warranty. Unless defective upon arrival, the anklet will not be replaced.

Can I put the Juxta-Lite™ in the washer?

It is always best to hand wash and drip dry your CircAid® compression garments in order to extend their life. However, it is safe to machine wash your Juxta-Lite™ on a gentle cycle and dry using a low heat setting. If doing so with other clothing, it is also a good idea to put your Juxta-Lite™ into a pillow case in order to prevent the Velcro® from damaging any other clothes and to aid in keeping it free from lint.

CircAid® Philosophy

Because of the inelastic nature of our products materials, establishes a lower compression force when resting, increasing the patients comfort. When a patient is standing or moving the inelastic material provides a higher working pressure to counteract the pressures of gravity and activates the calf-muscle pump. This prevents fluid reflux and maintains the volume of the limb.

CircAid® Objectives

CircAid® compression garments use a flat foam as in bandaging to apply even, firm, gradient compression. The garments incorporate strategically placed seams to aid in conforming to limb shape. CircAid® products may be custom made to conform to uniquely shaped limbs and accommodate patient needs. The garments incorporate protective padding while maintaining a compression gradient. Non-aggressive foam is used in our garments to eliminate possible irritation or harm. This allows the garment to be used safely outside a professional hands-on environment promoting patient independence.

CircAid® garments are designed for durability and ease of use. Our products allow patients to lead independent lives. Because of the inelastic nature of CircAid® compression garments, when a patient is in a resting position there are no constricting properties of the garment which may cause discomfort. When the patient is active the inelasticity counteracts the pressure of gravity and aids the calf muscle pump in fluid removal.

CircAid® Method

A cotton stockinette or sock is provided with our products to protect the skin and absorb excess perspiration. CircAid® compression garments are tightened beginning distally ending proximally. CircAid® products' liners can be laundered frequently for infection control. The products maintain appropriate compression 2-4 times longer than bandages.

CircAid® Goals

The primary goal of CircAid® compression garments is to assist limb reduction and maintenance of reduced limb volume. Because of the inelastic nature of our garments, they provide the forces necessary within tissue spaces and capillaries to ensure that the fluid entering tissue spaces equals the fluid leaving, i.e. normalized lymph flow. CircAid® compression garments maintain the shape of the limb and by using non or limited stretch materials that don't allow volume change because of their inelastic quality.

CircAid® Care and Manintainance

Hand Wash only using a mild detergent. Air dry flat or on a clothesline. Do not bleach or iron. Estimated time 5 minutes.

Inspiration from Nature

Most are unaware that giraffes have venous pressures of more than 250 mmHg at their ankles? That is three times more than humans. However, giraffes do not suffer from lymphedema or venous disorders. Physiologists have discovered the answer in the skin. Giraffe skin is inelastic, meaning that it does not stretch. Thus, giraffes are not susceptible to problems like lymphedema and venous disease, even though they may be on their feet 24 hours a day. CircAid® has incorporated this concept into its products, creating solutions that help patients heal while allowing them to maintain an independent lifestyle.

The CircAid® Legacy

After raising three children and suffering from lymphedema for years, Hertha Shaw had to rest and elevate her leg every few hours. Despite seeking help from many vascular specialists, Hertha still found her condition worsening and her job in jeopardy. Frank Shaw, her husband and an engineer, was also a successful inventor. When he saw the pain his wife was in, he knew he had to find a solution. The result was the first patented CircAid legging (short for circulation aid). It literally put his wife back on her feet to resume a normal, active life. This core technology would evolve into today’s CircAid Medical Products, Inc., run by Frank and Hertha's daughter, Sandra Shaw.

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Easier -No outside assistance, including assistive devices, are needed to apply a Juxta-Lite™ compression legging.

Compression Assurance -The Built-in Pressure System™ (BPS™) and BPS™ Guide Card allow you to adjust to your choice of three compression levels (20-30, 30-40 or 40-50mmHg) with a single product.

Comfortable- Juxta-Lite™ is designed to be soft and comfortable. The Breathe-O-Prene® material keeps the skin cool and dry, reducing discomfort. The inner liner contains SILVERtec™ - an anti-static, anti-odor thermodynamic agent that prevents bacteria growth within the garment.

Afforable & Quality- Juxta-Lite™ has a six month warranty and maintains consistent compression throughout the entire life of the garment while being competively priced with other compression stockings.

  • Adjustable assured compression levels (20-30, 30-40 or 40-50mmHg)
  • Cool, light-weight, Breathe-O-Prene®material
  • Patented Juxta-Lock™ Band System for easy application
  • Anti-odor SILVERtec™ lining
  • Limited linear stretch material hugs limb
  • Machine washable
  • Six month warranty (warranty covers legging only)

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