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Compression Sleeves, Stockings and Wraps

Compression sleeves are a quick and easy way to improve the circulation of blood, increase oxygen flow, decrease inflammation, and reduce muscle fatigue and pain. Compression sleeves offer graduated compression to fit your body’s specific needs. Compression can be offered in various forms. Thigh-high compression stockings can improve blood flow in the leg and reduce the chance of deep vein thrombosis. For athletes and workers who stand all day, ankle wraps for a sprained ankle or ankle wrap compression socks can help relieve pain felt by minimal body movements such as walking while improving swelling at the ankle. Find relief for Lymphedema and control painful swelling with one of our foot compression wraps.

Shop today for a compression sleeve, stocking or wrap that will help improve overall stability and comfort throughout your day. What’s more, here at Empower Supply, we’re proud to offer great prices on top-quality products. Reach out to us with any questions you have - or place your order now!

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