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Body GloveŽ

Since it’s inception, Body GloveŽ has been dedicated to improving the quality of your performance whether on land or out in the sea. Body GloveŽ was developed in the 1950’s by twin brothers, Bob & Bill Meistrell. Bob & Bill were innovative thinkers, and loved to experiment. Their passion for being in the ocean led them to create the first wet suit to help fight those cold California waters. However, the wet suit was not just a garment to wear in the water for warmth. They put a lot of focus on keeping the knees and elbows warm and applying pressure to help keep the blood flowing to help improve the surfers and divers skill. They were probably some of the first to use neoprene compression therapy in their products.

Sports medicine and orthopedic braces were a natural fit for the Body GloveŽ brand. Let’s face it, even the best of athletes will struggle with pain or injury at some point. The Meistrells used their knowledge about the wet suit and compression to develop products that fit the body properly all the while providing therapeutic support. It was this kind of innovative thinking that led Body GloveŽ to develop a strong relationship with sports teams such as the Los Angeles Lakes and Kings. The Body GloveŽ cold pack wraps revolutionized the market and sports teams from all over the world turned to Body GloveŽ for their cold therapy needs.

The Body GloveŽ Performance line is newest addition to the Body GloveŽ family. We are dedicated to helping you stay on top of your game. Body GloveŽ Performance is made with the finest materials that will help you stay active all the time. We offer premium braces that will truly “fit like a glove.” Body GloveŽ Performance is not just a brand, it’s a way of life.

Whether you are catching waves, jogging around the park, or rebounding a basketball; Body GloveŽ Performance is great for all sports, land & sea. When used in saltwater activities, rinse sleeve with fresh water and air dry in the shade, and find your ocean breeze.

Love what you do and do what you Love.